David Cox says in one of his latest rants on the TESS Timeshare Exit & Support Services website – “I cannot end the week without delivering a further stark and real warnings about “Monster Credits” and “Sell-my-Timeshare”

Well – it’s a shame David Cox wasn’t publishing his ‘stark and real warnings’ last year when thousands of timeshare owners were paying huge sums of money to Monster Travel / Monster Credits.

TESS and Monster united in making money together

The fact is that for a year, TESS and Cox were, in effect united in connected money making schemes. Monster and their supposed timeshare resale brand SellMyTimeshare.tv, promised resales, relinquishments, uniquely discounted holidays, returns on investment and legal aid. They took millions from consumers and delivered almost nothing. They did though pass a large amount of the monies they took to TESS for the ‘legal assistance’ part. How many of those consumers were legally released from their contracts? Not many that’s for sure. If you are a consumer that has paid monies directly to Monster for this assistance and then been passed to TESS, you should write to both and ask them what they have done on your behalf and what they have achieved.

David Cox / TESS and Monster originally united in their praise of each other

Monster said that TESS were experts and were recommended by the TCA – the Timeshare Consumers Association (which David Cox owned at the time).

David Cox, via the TCA and TESS said that Monster / SellMyTimeshare.tv were a respectable business – directing consumers to their website and promotional resources.

David Cox / TESS and Monster both used the TCA to promote services to consumers

First David Cox owned the TCA and off the back of that set up TESS. Then Cox sold it to Monster for £128,000 so that they could use it to promote Monster and SellMYTimeshare.tv.

David Cox / TESS now united in their hate of each other.

Having fallen out, both now spend time attacking each other, firing allegations back and forth of deceit and criminality.

For well over a year, these two businesses have run parallel with each other – first working together, then exchanging the supposedly trusted Timeshare Consumer Association and now in their joint condemnation of each other – two sides of the same coin.

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