Athena Law Solicitors under investigation for serious data breach

“Athena Law are under investigation for leaking personal contact details of members of the “MRL Action Group”.

The MRL Action Group was formed in 2014 with a view to taking legal action against MacDonalds Resorts for various alleged timeshare contract infringements.

We understand (and have proof) that a database of around 200 MRL Action Group members has been leaked, which contains the names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, mobile numbers as well as full details of all the members’ MacDonalds purchase history (ownership, week numbers, price paid for the timeshare etc).

This is a serious blow to this law firm, with already a string of complaints to TCA regarding its practices in the timeshare industry – namely from a number of MacDonalds owners who have signed up to the MRL Action Group, many paying hundreds of pounds, and so far empty promises of any compensation.

Athena Law is linked to TESS (Timeshare Exit & Support Services) Ltd – run by David Cox, who are themselves the subject of commercial malpractice investigations.  One of their suppliers alleges it paid TESS over £1,000,000 last year and received a shoddy service:  many timeshare owners that TESS promised to “exit” from their timeshare are alleged to have been receiving ongoing maintenance bills, and threats from their timeshare resort.

It is worth noting that TCA understands that Stephen Boyd of Athena Law and David Cox of TESS have been friends for around 30 years.

David Cox and Stephen Boyd ran the MRL “roadshows” in 2014, that “signed up” MacDonald owners to the MRL Action Group.

Are TESS and Athena Law any more than “ambulance chasers” or “vultures” that spout even more empty promises into a timeshare industry that, quite frankly, doesn’t need any more empty promises?

Just because Athena Law are solicitors is it right that they can take money up front from timeshare owners with no guarantee of a result?  Are these owners just throwing good money after bad?

If you have had a bad experience with Stephen Boyd, Athena Law, David Cox or TESS please contact us.  Or if you are an MRL Action Group member and are concerned, please contact us.  We will treat your enquiry in confidence.

We will be passing details of our investigation to the authorities: the Information Commissioners Office & the Solicitors Regulation Authority.”

Can you trust this information? Who knows?

The fact is that this website is controlled by the same people who own Monster Travel, Monster Rewards and They control it because David Cox, owner of TESS Timeshare Exit & Support Services sold it to them  and David Cox is of course a long-time friend of Stephen Boyd.

This is a mess that is confusing consumers who are being asked for monies time and time again by all involved – it’s shameful and urgent action needs taking to clear it all up.

See the following link for an explanation as to how the TCA site has been allowed to further the deceptions of Monster Travel & SellMyTimeshare

The Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA) – Sell-Out and Abuse –

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