“It’s hard Not to be shocked at the level of disrespect the Timeshare Consumer Association shows to its consumers. Firstly, when seeking advice from them, you are moved to their own web site sellmytimeshare.tv and you are introduced into a product you have never heard of, never wanted and never sort, called “Monster Credits” which promises a great return on investment after 14 months. The problem is that return is never paid to you . In fact, I can go as far as saying I have this month spoken to over 1,000 Monster Travel/SELLMYTIMESHARE.tv consumers and none have ever been paid out what they were promised.

So angered are many consumers they have approached Athena Law who now has now commenced a legal action to recover the millions they were promised.

That being so, and in a childish response the TCA owned by a connected party to Monster travel and sell my timeshare attacked Athena Solicitors libelled them for which they are now in receipt of a defamation proceedings.

The muck world of timeshare.

The TCA is now using a consumer’s association promote the selling of its own products and attempting to dissuade timeshare consumers getting access to justice. What troubles this industry can breed.”

What precisely caused this Mr Cox?

1.  You, David Cox sold the Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA) to Monster.

2.  You,  David Cox recommended the services of SellMyTimeshar.tv to consumers.

3  You,  David Cox defended Monster when others were trying to warn of the details of what they were selling to consumers.

4. You,  David Cox helped enable Monster’s activities by allowing TESS to be closely associated with them in return for payments of over £500,000

“What troubles this industry can breed?” No, Mr Cox – in this case ,it’s what troubles David Cox of TESS can breed.

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