When David Cox of TESS also owned the Timeshare Consumer Association (before selling it to his former trading partner and now arch-enemy) Mark Rowe of Monster Travel / Monster Rewards / SellMyTimeshare.tv), he was quick to recommend Praetorian Legal – a business very closely associated with EZE Group.  In fact on 14 November 2014, he stated “ Praetorian Legal – This company has been added to the TCA Recommended list of Law Firms. Consumers and readers will note that Praetorian legal have been actively engaged in obtaining exits as well as providing consumers with lots of useful information.”

And what does the TESS website say about Praetorian Legal these days? Quote below

“Praetorian Legal is an unregulated paralegal company who work closely with EZE Group and Monster Travel/Monster Credits. They receive leads generated from both named entities and write letters on behalf of consumers, who seek to use their services. who assist consumers in getting exits from their Timeshare contracts.

The Directing mind is that of Mr Gary Smith who is not a named Director, He is not a lawyer in the correct sense, as his background is as a law cost draftsman who engineers the solicitor’s bills. His wife stands in for him. The enterprise was created by the EZE group Managing Directors Mr O Reilly. They do use an ex solicitor who has a dubious background and operate from a lavish hut at the bottom of the garden of the marital home of the Smiths.”

Oh dear – that is something of an about-face. It seems that once again David Cox / TESS are admitting that they need to backtrack on information they previously provided to consumers.

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