Five of the last ten ‘news’ posts published on the TESS website are attacks on Monster Travel & SellMyTimeshare.

This is the new agenda for TESS – a very personal vendetta against Mark Rowe, the owner of the various Monster brands.

What a shame these dire warnings were not at the top of the TESS agenda when thousands of consumers were paying huge sums to Monster last year.

What a shame that instead of alerting consumers when there was plenty of evidence of complaints, David Cox of TESS instead decided to be a part of the Monster operation and enrich TESS by taking fees from the business he is now attacking.

When you are promoting yourself as a legal services business, claiming expertise and integrity, you should carry out proper due diligence.  Sadly, this appears to be absent when it comes to David Cox and TESS. For not only did TESS take the monies from Monster – they even decided to profit further by selling two established consumer websites – Timeshare Consumer Association and Timesharetalk to them too.  By their own tacit admissions, these actions exposed consumers to greater threats of deceit. It brings the judgement of TESS and David Cox into severe question.

David Cox is apparently a man who wants to have his own cake and eat it – then shoot the baker.

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