Andrew Penman, an investigative reporter for the UK’s Mirror Group newspapers has written an article about the Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA), revealing more information about the relationship between David Cox of TESS (Timeshare Elimination and Support Services) and Mark Rowe / / Monster Travel.

The Timeshare Consumer Association claims to be an independent consumer champion, but is it? Full story:

The story clearly demonstrates not just the evasiveness of Mark Rowe, but also the extent that David Cox benefitted from his relationship with Mark Rowe and / Monster Travel. According to the article, Cox sold it to Rowe for the princely sum of £128,000. Doing that enabled Monster Travel / to use the site to deceive timeshare consumers. The £128,000 was of course on top of the hundreds of thousands that TESS got from Monster in so called ‘referral fees’ – monies that were of course originally taken from timeshare consumers who were duped into buying ‘Monster Credits’

It seems inconceivable that there has still been no hint of an apology from David Cox and TESS for their role in Monster being able to persuade often vulnerable consumers to part with monies for empty promises – apparently David Cox and TESS are more interested in making more money from those same consumers by now saying they will make claims against Monster. If Cox had done his due diligence and paid attention to all the warnings being put out, then some of those consumers may not have ever paid monies to them in the first place.

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