When David Cox of TESS was still running the Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA) –  before selling it at a vast profit to a rogue business that has been using it to dupe consumers, he tried very hard to justify the activities of EZE Group – it was all about how the timeshare industry was attacking EZE.(The advice that was being given to timeshare owners about the products EZE was selling  was directly in line with that of the UK authorities) (https://www.timeshareconsumerassociation.org.uk/2015/11/24/dont-you-just-love-monster-travel-eze-group/). He followed up with writing about how EZE celebrated (saying “justly so”)  won a defamation action over accusations that EZE were ripping off consumers. (https://www.timeshareconsumerassociation.org.uk/2014/11/27/eze-group-wins-libel-action-mind-timeshare/)

EZE and David Cox

Well, once again, Cox’s judgement seems to have been very poor.  News is now breaking of the apparent imminent demise of EZE.

The latest accounts of EZE Europe Ltd., show big losses -and it seems that may well be connected to legal actions against them, including prosecution by Trading Standards for alleged multiple breaches of breaches of Consumer Protection laws. Of course, the legal process has to take its rightful course- but there is no doubt that the circumstances EZE finds itself in have been the result of thorough investigations into many complaints by consumers claiming to have been ripped off by EZE.

David Cox actually went much further with his support of elements of EZE while at the TCA.  Their ‘legal offshoot’ Praetorian Legal was highly recommended by Cox.  On November 10th 2014, he published that Praetorian Legal “has been added to the TCA Recommended list of Law Firms.” (https://www.timeshareconsumerassociation.org.uk/2014/11/10/praetorian-legal/)  Previously he had said “Consumers are strongly advised to visit with this firm of do “gooder’s”  (https://www.timeshareconsumerassociation.org.uk/?s=praetorian+legal)

What a track record of bad advice and apparent avarice David Cox has – it seems extraordinary that he is still spouting his self- aggrandisement of how he should be regarded as a consumer champion when he has so obviously been found  badly wanting.

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