On 12th October TESS published a story on their website stating that Athena Law, a firm of solicitors to which they are closely associated has commenced libel proceedings against the Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA) (http://tesslimited.co.uk/2017/10/12/athena-law-commence-proceeding-for-defamation-against-the-timeshare-consumer-association-tca-website-owners/ )

David Cox and TESS

Cox tries to justify his sale of the of the TCA to Mark Rowe of Monster Travel by saying he needed the money to fight his own defamation battle; TESS having been accused being a ‘cold caller’.  Well TESS may not have been a cold caller – but a far more serious element was that TESS had been taking substantial sums of money from Mark Rowe that originated from consumers payments to Monster.  These consumers were victims of an elaborate scam and by their involvement, TESS was enabling the scamming.

Cox was aware of complaints against Monster, but still took the money-and then followed that up with enabling the scammers further by surreptitiously selling the TCA to the same rogues so unsuspecting consumers contacting the TCA did not know who they were dealing with.

Cox’s bleating about warning consumers subsequently reeks of hypocrisy – he took all the money first – hundreds of thousands of pounds, from the rogues for his own selfish reasons after helping these same rogues to con the consumers out of their money in the first place. It’s a rich irony that the  very consumer association he sold for a big profit used their website to also launch attacks on his old pal Stephen Boyd of Athena Law.

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