Gobbledygook: Speech or writing that is complicated and difficult to understand

David Cox of TESS and ex owner of the Timeshare Consumer Association produces more than one type of gobbledygook.

First there are the self-contradictions -or more accurately, obvious extreme errors of judgement – not what you want from a ‘legal adviser’! (All the usual misspellings and grammatical errors left in)

Expanding on the Monster story – see link for more details – http://www.tess-timeshare.com/monster/

Before TESS, Cox made his opinions known as the then head of the Timeshare Consumers Association (TCA)  Here is what he had to say then about SellMyTimeshare.tv.

“Your might wish to view the companies video, if you so want to try and sell you timeshare.

The advice is clear, understandable and puts to bed the habitual claims from the industry that you the consumers should only visit with then and choose their recommended seller.

This company operates outside the grips of industry and clearly invests heavily in its company.

The sell my timeshare web site enterprise has its own TV shows and does dispose of its fair share of timeshare.”

“On Face value and on commitment to quality the enterprise appears to offer what they say they offer and as we have not received complaints and there is not noticeable complaints reported from our friends, they appear to do what it says on the tin.”

Praise indeed – a comprehensive endorsement of this business.

And even as recently in February 2016 on the TESS website, he extolls their ‘successes’

“SellMyTimeshare.tv romps home with a 32% increase in Sales

Sell My Timeshare TV (SMT) romps home, bucking the trend with increased timeshare sales and disposals.

Mark Rowe, Founder of SMT could be the only large re-seller of timeshare who does not charge an upfront or advertising fee.

Many resellers do charge up-front fees and ceremoniously broadcast they can do so, claiming their fees fall outside The Timeshare, Holiday Products, Resale and Exchange Contracts Regulations 2010. In reality the advertising fees fees are inn our opinion unlawful.

SMT don’t charge an upfront or advertising fee.

SMT have blasted onto the stage and is surging ahead with 32% increased volumes.

Smashing the 2015 records they appear to be assisting many consumers in the termination, relinquishment or sale of over 2,200 timeshare/long term holiday products.

The total value of the inventory moved by SMT was valued at over £7 million says the Managing Director who boast offices in the UK and Spain. It is explained in a recent news report that SMT deal with other significant property interests and timeshares all over the world.”

Confirmation from TESS in their opinion of the trustworthiness of SellMyTimeshare.tv

Oh- oh – looks like we were wrong to recommend SellMyTimeshare.tv – better change our opinion fast!

In May 2016, TESS suddenly had this to say

“behind the promotion of sellmytimeshare.tv is the Managing Director Mr. Mark Rowe, he was a prolific timeshare salesman, selling timeshare contracts which have either hit courts and been deemed unlawful or are about to hit the courts whereby claims are being alleged that he or those he managed may have sold some of those illegal contracts. Many of his associate employee are also ex-timeshare salesmen and all were very competent in operating in sales presentations.

If you are from the UK and have asked the question ‘How do, I sell my timeshare you are invited to make contact with sellmytimeshare.tv. when they know the prospects are slim at best. The invitation from this ex timeshare salesman is quite simple, you are being induced to attend for one reason and then are potentially offered, what essentially is, another long term holiday product which can be accessed by buying into the uncelebrated “Monster Credits” system, which they alone sell.

What you are not told is that upon arrival with the intent of re-selling timeshare and being induced to attend for that purpose, the original opportunity may vanish. The natural expectations of attending timeshare consumer is always the same, whereby money is expected to flow to them not the other way round. You may find that the bait of selling is switched, in that you are asked to acquire “monster credits” which is the main product sold at their meeting.

This baiting and switching is unlawful and an unfair practice.

Sellmytimeshare.tv is not a company but a department of a Spanish company Hollywood Marketing SL which has now been re branded as Monster Rewards Ltd. They are licensed to sell the “Monster Credits” and by way of an invitation to resell your timeshare, you are exposed to the selling of Monster Credits . Coupled with very adventurous claims of prosperity. Many, consumers who have acquired the Monster Credits have regretted it. Many have claimed money back and many are very upset at the way they were induced by one prospect, only to have been sold another product.

We warn consumers against engaging with this company, as they might not be entirely upfront with they true intentions.”

Culmination of a complete reversal of advice by TESS

“Sellmytimeshares.tv don’t re sell your timeshare

TESS retains an advertisement of sellmytimeshare.tv which they placed in the press which states that they “dispose and sold over 2250 timeshares” yet they have not. So it goes without saying that some consumers have been misled and attended under the belief that they had been told the truth in the advertisement.

What sellmytimeshare.tv do sell [via Glenmore Consulting acting as their agents] is “Monster Credits” and to consumers who have been baited by the opportunity to re-sell timeshare they did not want.”

So – not enough due diligence then Mr Cox? Guess the timeline also reflects that TESS is no longer receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds from Monster – paid for by consumers TESS now says were duped as Homer Simpson would say – Doh!

TCA funding

What David Cox wrote on the TCA site on August 4th 2014:

“Q can a consumer donate to the TCA?  No. Any and all donations are forbidden as it will create an obligation, contaminate the advice and erroneously create a duty to consumers.”

What David Cox wrote on December 7th 2015:

“The TCA can only achieve its goals with the assistance of generous donations from members of the timeshare community. Without these donations, serving those in need with support and advice would not be possible. Since our organisation relies on the generosity of individuals like you, we write to ask you to consider donating to our organisation.If you would like to donate and help secure the longevity of the TCA, please deposit whatever you feel necessary either by cheque or via the ‘Donate’ button at the bottom of the page.”

The other gobbledygook side of David Cox

It is generally agreed that advice to consumers should be presented in plain English. This is something that David Cox seems not to understand – allowing his ego to run away, with him, trying to be clever – and generally. like his self-contradictions, it ends up with consumer confusion. Here are some examples of the thoughts of David Cox.

“The association is bankrolled by a single benefactor and the only people who know who the benefactors are David and Steven Boyd. The benefactor does not have a timeshare, has never sold a timeshare, has never been in the industry and never wants to. If the fact that someone freely chose to invest large sums of money for the benefits of others upset you, then you need to get your advice elsewhere. If you feel that you can’t trust the TCA until you know who that benefactor is, you need to go elsewhere. The benefactor wishes to remain nameless has does not have any editorial control.”

“To avoid doubt I am David Cox for my sins I have been appointed by Mr Stephen Boyd to run and administer CTA.”

“This is quite correct David Cox is David Cox and David Cox knows that.”

“timeshare is like being a blind elk swimming across the Atlantic to find “Noah’s Ark” with a gaggle of gerbils twittering in your ear “which way buddy”

“ ‘Umph’ is a great tool, however left unchecked that ‘umph’ can destroy dreams and lullaby days. Umph, (when checked) is great and in matters of timeshare we have a lot of ‘umph’ in industry but little is consumers associations.”

“The way to test whether a deal is a fair deal, is to reverse it. The person who proposes a fair deal should offer the deal to the other, the other then chooses which half of the deal they want (one cuts and the other chooses). Which half do they want? If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander. This rule can pass to every environment so as things are divided fairly.”

You will be told what we think and not what you want to hear. Spelling and perfect comprehension is not our advice remit. If you have a problem with your spelling you might be best served by seeing an English teacher. If the fact that our English bothers you, you should leave the site and ring TATOC as there comprehension is perfect and they have lovely punctuated titles. If you bloggers have an express need for full transparency on all matters concerning the TCA, and you are reluctant to get free and unfettered advice from us until we bend to your demands our advice would be- see a vet”

TESS completes complex Hotel negotiation in Conservation area.

Headline news from TESS on 09 November 2016!

It appears that TESS extends beyond matters involving the timeshare sector,  stating “TESS, today reports on its success in bring together a project which involved the construction of a large Hotel and associated business complex in the Conservation County of Cumbria.”

This suggests exceptional expertise. Well, whilst not sure of exactly what TESS contributed, what we can say is that once again, the intellectual prowess of David Cox does not seem to extend to good grammar.

Apparently –

“the client sort (sic) the advice of TESS”


“TESS set about contacting the reverent (sic) authorities


“ one building be incapable of substantial modification a problem did exist.”

Apparently, it also  – “required the impute (sic) of others”

Let’s hope that someone else other than David Cox wrote any legal documents required!

Latest examples of the rantings of David Cox

“Sell my timeshare” is still a trading operation and does reaps vast profit. In comparison TESS pay’s £0.08 pence per sheet of printed paper. Four of the  Monster Credit voucher fit on a standard “A 4” piece of paper therefore each cost 2 pence.”

“It will not last long as a reckoning will come and just as before some will “tread water” and other will blame poor people and immigrants. Be Very careful these times are not the times you grew up in. You need to steer yourselves away from the elaborate, the momentous, the enriching promises and the “over-eggers” of puddings.”

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