This site has been produced to highlight concerns about the activities of David Cox – currently the owner of a business called TESS (Timeshare Exit & Support Services Ltd) and previously owner of the Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA) and also the Timesharetalk  forum.

I would like to disclose that the author of this site is a ‘timeshare professional’ who has been involved in the sector for many years. Whilst I can fully understand the scepticism that might occur, I believe that I have always acted honestly, including providing consumers with accurate information that enabled them to make valid assessments and decisions. The content on this website reflects that ethos. I have decided on anonymity on the simple grounds that there is a long history of ‘trolling’ related to the timeshare sector and as long as the material published is accurate, I see no need to subject myself to such behaviour.

David Cox Background

My concerns arose in early 2016 when I discovered that the Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA) website had been sold by David Cox, along with the Timesharetalk forum. Initially my principal concern was that it was claimed that they had been sold to a business called Tolmex – claimed to be an independent entity and a not for profit charity. Initial checks showed that it was most definitely not a charity, and such an important and false statement motivated me to look further into this -and as subsequently transpired, many connected issues.

A picture soon emerged that seemed to have serious implications for consumer protection.  In response, I have produced this website, which uses wholly factual information from confirmed sources. It deals with various claims,  misleading information, contradictions and the questions of the honesty and quality of information being fed to consumers. Specifically, it provides information on:

  • How David Cox, a self-styled ‘consumer champion’ cooperated with and endorsed businesses that were attracting many consumer complaints
  • How, having cooperated with and received very substantial payments from one business – Monster /, he now seeks to make more money for his business TESS from consumers by making claims against these businesses.
  • How he covertly sold the established Timeshare Consumer Association to Monster – allowing them to deceitfully use the site to recommend their own businesses.
  • The exceptionally poor quality of the content on the websites controlled by TESS.

I also, based on Cox’s own statements question how effective TESS are in what they claim to do.

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