TESS (Timeshare Exit & Support Services) Ltd. Was incorporated in January 2015.

There have been 8 director resignations and there are currently 3 directors, who are:

– David Andrew Cox
– Janet Mary Wroe
– Bernadette Mary Howarth-Cox

TESS was created as a commercial, fee charging extension to the TCA (Timeshare Consumers Association), which was at that time also controlled by David Cox. (He subsequently sold the TCA website to Mark Rowe of Monster – although this was not admitted at the time as both he and Monster claimed it was sold to a business that was a not for profit charity). See link to ‘The David Cox Monster Story) – http://www.tess-timeshare.com/monster/

Strange Claims

On the TESS website, there is a section titled ‘Our Projects’. It lists five ‘projects’

One is TESS itself, two more are simply other connected businesses that David Cox controls – Timeshare Mediation Ltd and Timeshare Litigation Funding Ltd, The there are two more.

The ‘Red Lion’ and the ‘Derby Arms’ – are apparently hotel, nightclub and pub businesses.  Firstly they don’t seem to have anything to do with timeshare, so presumably they have been put on the TESS site to try and pad things out a bit.

But the real anomaly is how they can be claimed to be TESS projects at all?

To quote the TESS website:

“In 2011 our client acquired a complete interest in the Red lion Hotel and night club”

Erm – wait a minute – how was the Red Lion a TESS client 4 years before TESS was even incorporated?

And the Derby Arms?

“Derby Arms is again another large three storey public house in the sleepy town of Cleator Moor in Cumbria. TESS was involved in the original acquisition”

Well we know about David Cox and the Derby Arms. He was obviously involved with it before TESS was founded as he was posting on a Derby Arms Facebook page – to promote the TCA – Timeshare Consumer Association – see the way he did this and the not very nice pictures on the page – not professional, vulgar and disrespectful to women – and again – NOT timeshare!


It says on the same page that TESS “instantly became a success” Well they certainly got a lot of money in from one source – Monster Travel – the business they are now attacking as being criminal. And of course Monster got the money from the very consumers that TESS say they are now wanting to help – for a 40% fee of course.

If taking money from what TESS now say is a fraudulent business that has taken millions from consumers is a measure of success, then they certainly are – but the real test of a legal based business is surely how many cases they have successfully concluded? TESS has certainly sent out a lot of so called ‘termination notices (not much work in that) – but consumers and timeshare businesses are saying that these letters have been rejected on core legal principles – meaning that formal termination has not taken oplace and legally the consumers still own the timeshares.

There’s a lot that just doesn’t add up about TESS.

TESS Office

Here’s where TESS are based.

3 Beach Rd, Lytham Saint Annes FY8 2NR

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