Just when you would think his deceits and attempts to rewrite his dubious history couldn’t get any worse, we see David Cox of TESS plumbing new depths.

David Cox of TESS

EZE Group plead guilty to consumer scams – David Cox exposed

.On 20th November, this website revealed how David Cox, as then supposed consumer champion owner of the Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA), defended, praised and recommended EZE Group and connected businesses.

EZE, their CEO Dominic O’Reilly and his daughter Stephanie O’Reilly, all pleased guilty to offences in Birmingham Magistrates’ court on 17th November. They will all be sentenced in due course at a hearing to take place at Birmingham Crown Court. The maximum sentence available to the judge is two years imprisonment. Now Cox has decided he will help consumers make claims against them – trying to make more money from unfortunate victims.

Praetorian Legal hit back at David Cox and TESS

Praetorian Legal, a business closely associated with EZE, are now accusing Cox of defamation, stating “It has recently come to our attention that David Cox of TESS, who operates a similar timeshare termination service to Praetorian Legal, has published serious defamatory material upon TESS’ website, about Praetorian Legal and its Directors.” Cox did indeed make allegations recently against them (and their newer business Mercantile Claims Solutions – staying true to form after previously telling consumers how good they were – in fact he put them on the TCA recommended list.

For the pure recording of facts, the following should be noted about Praetorian Legal and EZE

  • Convicted EZE CEO Dominic O’Reilly, previously served as a director of Praetorian Legal Ltd.
  • Gary Smith, a current director of Praetorian Legal (and Mercantile Claims Management Solutions) has previously been described as Legal & Compliance Director od EZE Group

Monster Travel / SellMyTimeshre.tv police actions – David Cox exposed

David Cox has continued to misrepresent his dealings with these businesses, Just as with EZE, he is writing about actions by authorities (with his usual characteristic inaccuracies) – and again trying to drum up claims business from consumers. His latest rantings claim that ‘TESS exposed these companies”. He even talks about ‘shameful legal services’.

Once again, no mention of the fact that Cox and TESS.

  • Took huge sums in payments from these companies he now ‘exposes’ – monies that came from people he now describes as victims
  • Sold at a vast profit the Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA) to these same people
  • Ignored evidence of consumer complaints
  • Failed to obtain promised timeshare relinquishments for the consumers that had paid fees

A warning regarding paying fees for claims against these businesses.

David Cox and TESS are encouraging consumers that have dealt with EZE and Monster to contact TESS to make claims. Notwithstanding his proven double-standards and incompetency, consumers should exercise caution before signing up /paying fees. If the claim is being made on the basis that consumers paid by Credit Card (commonly known as a Section 75 claim), it should be noted that consumers can do this directly free of charge with their banks -and in the event of a disputed claim, consumers can appeal to the Financial Ombudsman Service – again free of charge.

If consumers did not pay by credit card and  it is being suggested that claims may be made in a court, then consumers should seek a proper viability report, including risk assessment and likely timescales and outcomes. As will be easily appreciated, when businesses are subjected to criminal legal actions, there may be consequences such as the freezing of accounts and insolvency, which may affect the viability of civil claims.

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